CapNet - wireless mesh network for propeller beanie hats by Synapse Wireless

This contest is over, but you can still receive all of the design details to create your own CapNet propeller beanie by completing this form.

Imagine the ultimate battery-powered motorized propeller beanie
cap, which forms a wireless mesh network with other nearby

CapNet is the geeky headgear that makes this possible. Motor control, temperature sensors, accelerometers, LEDs, battery management – this hat does it all with style. We'll get you started, and give you the code you need to customize your own beanie.

Complete this form for a chance to win your own CapNet propeller beanie.  You'll also get the following just for entering, so you'll know how Synapse technology makes CapNet work:

  • Sensor library
  • Gerbers/schematics
  • Script examples

Yes, I want to win.